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The notion of men singing together as a group is thought to originate in the Coffee Shops of 17th century England. It was much later, towards the end of the 19th century, that actual barbershop singing started in America, as guys waited to get their hair cut. An individual would sing the melody and others harmonised around this. This form of our hobby continued, even in competition until the 1930's, when written music in parts, was introduced. Informal harmonising, otherwise known as "woodshedding" is still practised today and has its own Association.

Barbershop harmony is developed by the combining of four diverse voice parts. This starts with the lowest (BASS) progressing upwards to the BARITONE then the LEAD (the only part to invariably sing the melody or tune) and topped off with the highest part, the barbershop TENOR.

The harmonics created by singing chords in this way creates "expanded sound", where "extra" sounds (overtones) are formed as a welcome by-product.

Both singers and audience enjoy the pleasing, mellow sound produced, so much so, that it is difficult to get any barbershop singer to stop singing! We'll sing for anyone, anywhere.

The Granite City Chorus is a singing organisation specialising in producing close harmony vocal music in the Barbershop style in both chorus and quartet settings. We sing barbershop for fun, entertainment, personal development and competitive opportunities and are committed to continual improvement in the quality and variety of our singing performances

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Our Learn to Sing course went down well with plenty of guys taking part over the last 4 weeks. Great to see new faces and make new friends and we were made up when they sang “I‘d like to teach the world to sing“ to us without any help from GCC members - good work guys‚ it‘d be great to see you back next week!

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